Executive Team
Other team members
Alexander Legoshin
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder
Alexander has over 10 years experience in strategic marketing and a history of successful investments. In 2012 he turned his attention to the new and growing cryptocurrency market. Over the next few years, Alexander became a partner in several successful businesses in various sectors. At Saifu, he is responsible for strategic development, regulator relations and global business development.
Evgeny Vigovsky
COO & CTO, Co-Founder
Evgeny is a senior executive, with vast experience successfully creating and bringing high-tech products and services to the global market. Evgeny has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2013.

Before launching Saifu, Evgeny worked for over 12 years at Kaspersky Lab. Starting as a product line manager, he left the company as the Global Head of Kaspersky’s DDoS Protection Business Unit.

Evgeny is skilled in global business development, information security and technology, FinTech, blockchain, product and services management, and marketing. At Saifu, he is in charge of the operational side of the business, new product development for corporate and private clients, as well as technological development and security.
Vladimir Derevyagin
Board Member
Vladimir has a strong background in banking and law. He has held senior positions at banks since joining the sector in 2010. At Saifu, Vladimir is responsible for institutional partnerships and relationships.
Ugis Latsons
Managing Director
Ugis started his career in the banking industry back in 1993 in Latvia. Since then Ugis has held senior positions at Saules Banka, Latvian Savings Bank and Expobank, with international roles in Cyprus and Hong-Kong, most recently heading the Luxemburg office. Ugis joined Saifu as Director of Paymaster AS in May 2018.
Zach Murray
Head of Communications
Zach has 10 years’ experience in management, finance and communications, with an MBA from Cass Business School in London. He started his own fund in 2011, which focused primarily on currency trading. He has worked for top global financial institutions in New York, London and Moscow, and is well connected in the global world of finance. At Saifu, Zach runs communications for ICO participants, businesses and users.
Victoria Kolosova
Head of Legal
Victoria has a strong background in the banking and finance industry. She started her career in 2004 in Russia’s largest bank Sberbank working with credit cards. After moving to the Latvian Expobank in 2008, she held various positions in the client services, business development and compliance. In 2015, she became the Corporate Business Development manager in the bank’s representative office in Hong Kong. Her latest job was in business consultancy for a payment facilitator in the Czech Republic. In Saifu, Victoria is supervising customers service operations.
Leonid Kondratiev
Head of Marketing
Leonid has a strong background in IT, Design and Programing, which he first put to work in digital marketing campaigns at Philips in 2013. Since then he has developed his marketing skills at top IT companies. At Saifu, Leonid manages marketing efforts, which focus on digital marketing campaigns.
Nikolay Essence
Art Director
Nikolay has extensive design experience and has been running a successful marketing agency in Prague since 2005. He has worked with numerous brands including: Kolkovna group a.s., LVMH, Deluxe Interactive, Garin Studio, Synergie Studio, SUP, Novikov Restaurant Group, Crosstown rebels, ARMA music hall Moscow, HTC, Aero Studio, BBDO, Scholz & Friends Prague (Opel brand), Escada, Nikon, Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s., Kozel - Worldwide, Škoda Auto a.s.. His areas of expertise include branding, graphic communication and UX/UI development.
Denis Katkov
Project manager
Denis has vast experience in the banking and financial sector, with previous positions running private IT projects and Russian brokerage companies, as well as at Alfa-bank, in the sales department. His areas of expertise include, consulting on corporate and cryptocurrencies projects, IT, and web and social media marketing.
Maxim Prishchepo
Blockchain developer
Maxim has extensive experience in the field of software development, with a strong background in blockchain technology. He founded his first company in 2014 and has been working in IT for over 15 years in the IT sphere, with a core focus on satisfying market demands.
Anatoliy Sokolnikov
Blockchain developer
Anatoliy is a blockchain expert with over 8 years’ experience in the financial sector developing and improving banking IT systems. He has worked in blockchain development, prepared many smart contracts, and has developed cryptocurrency wallets and whitepapers. Anatoliy has also held positions as a blockchain architect and consultant.
Dmitry Glukhodedov
Treasury specialist
Dmitry brings a wealth of experience in financial analysis to Saifu’s treasury department. Having worked as a financial and credit analyst, and as a manager, Dmitry has helped build the treasury department since joining the company in July 2017.
Lola Khater
Marketing manager
Lola has strong background in equity markets. She has worked for financial institutions in New York and Moscow. With previous experience on the communications team for another ICO, Lola helps manage marketing efforts at Saifu.
About Saifu

Saifu makes using cryptocurrencies together with regular currencies accessible, easy and secure for a wide audience of non-tech savvy people and businesses. The company provides customers with IBAN accounts for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies 
in a single place, and removes the complexity associated with the 

The company was established in 2016 by entrepreneur and investor Alexander Legoshin, and Evgeny Vigovsky, a senior executive who has brought many high-tech products and services to the global market. The founders have put their vast knowledge and experience in finance, investments, information security, blockchain technology, product management and software development to work in creating the Saifu service, which helps to make cryptocurrencies part of everyday life.

Saifu brings bank-grade security to the cryptocurrency world for the first time, using a combination of hardware and software technologies. The company has chosen to use Thales hardware, which empowers Saifu to take ownership of the security and cryptography of accounts, and helps to shield end-users from the inherent complexity and risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

Saifu is a fully regulated payment institution, licensed by the Czech National Bank, and is externally audited on a regular basis. It is compliant with the strictest KYC/AML regulations for both traditional and blockchain transactions.

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